Live video of the 2016 Snooker Northern Ireland Open Ding Junhui vs Delu Live
The 2016/2017 Snooker Northern Ireland Open will start at the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast. As a newly added ranking game this season, it attracts world famous players including O’Sullivan, Higgins, etc.参赛,中国军团包括丁俊晖(关注:丁俊晖2016斯诺克最新比赛直播视频 2016丁俊晖比赛赛程时间安排)、梁文博、傅家俊在内将有17名选手出战.2016 Snooker Northern Ireland Open-Ding Junhui vs Yu Delu (data map)    Northern Ireland once hosted a ranking match for the Northern Ireland Cup. Ding Junhui once won the championship in 2006, but in 2008After Sullivan won the championship, the tournament was canceled.This season, Northern Ireland finally ushered in another snooker ranking Northern Ireland Open, which will be ranked as one of the four local stations in the British home series. The champion will receive 70,000 pounds of prize money, and the championship trophy is two world championships.Named by Alex Higgins.  There will be no qualifiers for the Northern Ireland Open, and all contestants will play in the first round. After experiencing the disastrous defeat of the National Championships, Ding Junhui finally recovered his status in the recent championship, and scored in one fell swoop.Semifinal.Ding Junhui will encounter Derby in the first round of the Northern Ireland Tournament, and the opponent is Yu Delu. The latter has not yet been able to break through the first round of the ranking game this season. Although Ding Junhui has the habit of slow and hot, it is still very difficult for Yu Delu to want to be cold。Ding Junhui’s signing is not ideal. In the second round, it is likely to encounter the recently strong Tachaia. Ding Junhui is difficult to win in the 7-game system.If you break through the first two rounds, Ding Junhui will not have too strong opponents before the quarterfinals.Game live video address: click to watch

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