do you know?There have been so many shameful Oolongs in the history of the Academy Awards
The worst mistake in Oscar history must have started with this famous “Oolong Incident”.The 89th Academy Awards 2017 was nearing the end. As the guest of honor “Warren Beatty”, Fei Dunaway gave the award for the best film. When Warren Beatty announced that the best film was “The City of Philharmonic””, The creator of“ The City of Philharmonic ”cheered and celebrated on stage, and gave an award speech. Three minutes later, the organizing committee suddenly announced that it had made a mistake. The best film should be“ Moonlight Boy ”.The Democrats handed over to Warren Beatty, which led to this big oolong.The best film should be “Moonlight Boy”.The picture comes from the Internet. If the “Oolong Event” of “The City of Philharmonic” and “Moonlight Boy” in 2017 is the most embarrassing moment in Oscar history, then the 12th Oscar in 1940 first expressed dissatisfaction.Many people say that 1994 was the most glorious year in the history of cinema. In fact, Hollywood in 1939 was equally good.If you look at the Oscar finalists in 1940, you will know: “Gone with the Wind”, “Whistling Mountain Villa”, “The Wizard of Oz”, “Flying Over the Mountains”, “Mr. Smith to Washington” . The competition between the male and female protagonists is even more intense.Bo, Lawrence Oliver and other competing best actor, the best actress competitors are Vivien Li, Greta Garbo, Betty Davis and others.Fay Baint presented the Oscar to Hattie McDaniel in 1940; Vivien Leigh.The picture comes from the network. The competition of this Academy Awards is fierce and can be described as suspenseful.However, just two hours before the award ceremony began, the Los Angeles Times announced the winners.At that time, the Oscars revealed the award results to the newspaper in advance, but they had to print them in type after the award ceremony.But the Los Angeles Times reached the news ahead of time.Since then, since the voting of the judges has ended, Oscar has kept the award list strictly confidential and will list it in the archives, keeping the suspense until the moment when the awarding guests tear everyone apart.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Xu Meilin proofreading Wu Xingfa

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