The first round of the Chinese Nets was upset!Ostapenko’s 25 double errors actually won the former world first
Ostapenko won in Beijing.Sauna, night net Wu Jiangshe’s downturn, the former French Open women’s singles champion Ostapenko finally won a victory in Beijing.In the first round of the China Open women’s singles that ended tonight, Ostapenko, who took the wild card, made 25 double errors but still eliminated No. 2 seed Ka Pliskova 2-1.After the women’s singles signing table was released yesterday, the game between Ostapenko and Ka Pliskova became the focus of the first round.As a former French Open women’s singles champion, Ostapenko’s status has fluctuated over the past two years, ranking down to 74th. This year, Beijing can only participate in foreign cards.Ka Pliskova still didn’t even have a Grand Slam account, but as the former world first and now the world’s third player, the Czech girl is completely the level of a Grand Slam champion.Ostapenko broke the biggest upset after the start.Sauna, night net Wu Jiang shot the first set game, Ka Pliskova once had the advantage of breaking first, but was still reversed by Ostapenko 7-5.In the second set, Ka Pliskova equalized the score 6-3.But Ostapenko’s final set still won 7-5, breaking the biggest upset after the game.Despite winning the Zhengzhou Open, Ka Pliskova was eliminated in the third round of the Wuhan Open, and the China Open was the first round out, missing consecutive opportunities to compete for world number one.After Ka Pliskova lost the game, Batty’s number one position in the world was also guaranteed to remain until the end of the Chinese Open.Despite the premature outs in the Chinese season, Ka Pliskova had little effect.After winning the Zhengzhou Open, Ka Pliskova has confirmed to be a finalist in the WTA Shenzhen year-end finals.”My performance this year is better than last year. At this time last year, I was still scoring points for the finals. Now I can enjoy the last few games of the season.”Ka Pliskova said that his mind is very relaxed now, and it is more about enjoying the game, instead of calculating the points for each game.Ka Pliskova missed the opportunity to compete for the world’s first.Sauna, night net Wu Jiangshe For Ostapenko, this victory did not come easily.The Latvian girl made 25 double errors, but eventually took away a victory from the Diamond Stadium.More importantly, this is the first time Ostapenko has defeated the TOP5 players this season, and it has improved self-confidence at the end of the season.This season, Ostapenko has been in a downturn for a long time. In the 24 races that participated in 12 out of the first round, the winning streak has never exceeded two.Ostapenko will face Snyakov in the second round. In addition, he defeated Chinese player Wang Xiyu 2-0 today.

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