2016 Snooker Daqing National Championship Bingham 6-5 wins Holt to advance to the semifinals
On October 28, the 2016/2017 Snooker International Championship (attached: 2016 Snooker National Championship complete schedule schedule + contestant match list / signing form) began the competition for the quarterfinals, last year’s World Championship champion SiTuyat Bingham played bravely in the first half and took a 4-0 advantage into the halftime.However, in the second half, Holt was chased by four consecutive games, and finally surpassed the play of the tiebreaker. The total score of 6-5 thrilled Holt and advanced to the semifinals.Stuart Bingham (data map) has been in professional snooker for 22 years. Bingham has completed his career breakthrough in Cruzburg last year and won the world championship for the first time.After winning the championship, Bingham has maintained a stable record in many events.In this year’s International Championships, Bingham swept Zhang Health 6-1 in the first round, eliminated Dell by 6-2 in the second round, and swept again in the third round. The 6-1 victory over the captainCarter advanced to the quarterfinals.And Bingham competed for the semi-finals, it was the last round that eliminated O’Sullivan’s Holt.  In the first game, Holt took the lead and advanced the offensive red ball into the bag, scored the black ball after receiving the mobile phone meeting, and then staged a continuous attack and scored 33 points to take the lead.Immediately during the defense, both players shot intensively. In a safety ball competition, Holt made a mistake and gave Bingham a very good off line. Bingham took the opportunity to score continuously., A red and a colorful combination staged a combination of routines, a single shot hit 87 points to complete the super score first.In the second game, the two players played too much on the scene. Although Bingham did not score a high score, he always stayed ahead of the score and achieved a super score at the end of the game, winning 56-5In the next city, the total score leads 2-0.  In the third game, Bingham continued the outstanding performance of the two games. After the stalemate confrontation in the opening stage, he grabbed a mobile phone meeting and the red ball continued to hit. During the period, the red ball pile was successfully exploded, carrying a veryThe smooth ball type scored 80 points in a single shot and won again.In the fourth game, Bingham once again showed a fiery feel, and once again shot 50+ zero Holt in a single shot, thus taking a 4-0 huge advantage into the inter-game break.After adjustment, Holt improved somewhat in the fifth inning. With a 39-5 lead, he scored a red ball and won the mobile phone meeting. He got a combination of offensive potential. After winning 63 points on a single shot, he successfully won the game.The score reached 1-4!  In the sixth game, the two sides shot each other in the opening stage, and Bingham scored a 44-11 lead.After a few shots of safety, Bingham made a mistake in the cue ball positioning. Holt caught the only gap of the ball and hit the red ball into the bottom pocket to get the mobile phone meeting.He scored 81 points on a single shot to complete a clearing, and once again won two consecutive innings, the total score was 2-4 behind!In the seventh game, Holt took the lead in hitting the red ball to get started. After scoring 14 points, because the cue ball was unable to attack, he could only choose to defend.Afterwards, the two sides experienced a continuous defensive confrontation. Holt took several hands to complete the overscore, and won a 70-21 victory for another round.  In the eighth game, Holt took the lead in scoring a red ball into the middle bag, but then there was no too difficult black ball hitting the bag, but then Bingham, who started with the same, was not a difficult red ball.Into.Since then, both sides have made too many mistakes. Holt made several attempts to get a 51-0 lead, but when attacking a red ball bottom bag, he hit the bag again.Bingham took advantage of the situation, and after 19 points, he chose to defend because the red balls were close to the edge of the library. After continuous battles, Holt shot again to win 65-19, chasing the total score to 4-4 in four consecutive innings.level!  In the ninth game, after the opening of the two sides, the two sides were inserted into the dull defense again. They had no intention of taking an offensive attack. Eventually, they could only restart the ball.After the kick-off again, Holt made a mistake at the start of the shot, and the poor cue ball position left a very good offensive opportunity. Bingham did not waste any more opportunities this time, hitting 131 points and zero Holt., A total score of 5-4 to get match points!In the tenth game, Bingham COSCO made an offensive red ball hit and scored 36 points on a single shot.Holt started with 29 points and chose to play defensively as a snooker because of poor cue ball positioning.Bingham was penalized for eight consecutive unsuccessful attempts and was penalized with 8 points. Holt once again took a 56-36 lead. At this time, the table had only one red ball and six colored balls.In the end, Holt hit the coffee ball, and the 68-36 super score successfully chased the score to 5-5!  In the game of the tiebreaker, Bingham made a mistake in locating the kick, but Holt’s difficult red ball failed to score.Bingham then shot, after scoring 26 points on a single shot, the black ball deviation break broke the offensive rhythm.After Holt got started, he scored 23 points on a single shot. When he hit the basketball, he hit the ball and hit the ball. However, he was penalized by 5 points and gave the excellent situation to Bingham.Since then, both sides have made a mistake that the simple ball failed to score. In the end, Bingham seized the opportunity to lock in the victory, and the total score was 6-5. He beat Holt and advanced to the semifinals.  Watch the game live”》 2016 Snooker National Championship video live broadcast address 2016 Snooker National Championship Live Room/bar

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