2016 Snooker crown, O’Sullivan broke 100 4-2 wins, Hull entered the group final
On November 7, the 2016 Snooker Crown Championship Invitational kicked off. The Rockets O’Sullivan opened the battle against Hull in the third group semi-final. During the game, O’Sullivan completed a single shot and broke 100, eventually 4-2 Defeat Hull and successfully advance to the group final.  The O’Sullivan lost to Holt in the National Championships, and then missed the Chinese Championship. The championship championship O’Sullivan won both championships in 2013 and 2014.In this competition, O’Sullivan was divided into the third group. The opponent in the group semifinal was the single-time limited-time champion Hull.  In the first inning, Hull was the first to get a mobile phone meeting. He made mistakes after scoring 23 points on two shots. Then O’Sullivan seized the opportunity and began to continue. He scored 88 points in a single shot and won the game. The total score was 1-0Lead.  In the second inning, Hull took the lead to get a mobile phone meeting through a long table combination ball, but after winning 28 points, the cue ball stuck to the red ball and called for a mistake. He chose to defend.In the safety ball, O’Sullivan left a bag of lipstick balls, Hull’s long table did not enter the missed goal, O’Sullivan took the opportunity to score 101 points and broke the Baiqingtai to win this game, leading 2-0.  In the third inning, O’Sullivan scored the red ball first through a super-distance platform. The unsatisfactory bid was a green ball to make snooker. Hull successfully solved the ball and turned it into a snooker.In the safety ball, O’Sullivan left a long platform opportunity. Hull’s long table scored a fashionable start. This attack Hur hit a high level, and he continuously completed a wonderful game. He scored 83 points in a row and won the game.Behind the score 1-2.  In the 4th inning, O’Sullivan scored a red ball through a long bench. After scoring 25 points, he cut the bottom bag and the high-angle black ball did not enter the leak. Hull then attacked and hit a high level again, winning 81 points in a single shot.In this round, the total score of the two rounds is 2-2.  In the 5th inning, Hull didn’t leave the safety ball in place, and O’Sullivan scored 8 points to form Snow. The master attacked the red ball and made a mistake.Afterwards, there was a continuous struggle in the game. Hull missed the ball again and O’Sullivan made a mistake after calling 44-6 and transferred to the defense.In the bullfight, Hull didn’t get a chance to fight for the ball. O’Sullivan led by a 65-20 overpoint advantage. Hull tried to chase the points and missed the ball again. O’Sullivan once again started with 39 points to clear the table and won this game. 3-2 cameMatch points.  In the 6th inning, Hull was the first to get a mobile phone meeting, and he turned to the defense after scoring 14 points.Hull then went on to fight for the red ball in the bottom bag, and O’Sullivan then failed to score the red ball in the middle of the bag, but in a good situation, Hull hit the red ball in the bottom bag and left the opportunity again. O’Sullivan then continuedScore 73 points to complete the super score.Hull tried to chase the mistakes, O’Sullivan once again cleared the stage and won the game, the total score 4-2 won and advanced to the group finals, will be out of Gulde and Mark Dai at 3:00 on November 8, Beijing timeThe winners between Weiss compete for the group qualifying.

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