Carrefour “Elephant Turning”: When will the “one hour delivery” dream come true?
“Normally, a piece of Chinese cabbage cost more than five pounds or six pounds.”At the beginning of the closure of Wuhan, living materials became a major problem for the lives of citizens'” houses “.The epidemic disrupted people’s lives, but it also provided a “training” opportunity for large-scale supermarkets to deploy home services.During the epidemic, large supermarkets have joined the army to ensure supply.While maintaining the normal operation of the “market”, they walked out of the “market” and changed from “sitting” to “trading business”, making a fuss about home services.As the pioneer of the hypermarket format, Carrefour China is also constantly exploring this new form of retail.Tian Rui, CEO of Carrefour China, recently accepted a sauna. In an interview with Yeewang, in February this year, Carrefour merchandise was put on the store APP and launched the “Carrefour 1-hour delivery” service.”3?On the eve of 15 “, Carrefour upgraded the” Fu She Circle “home service upgrade plan to provide a variety of services and time-effective home service to 350,000 communities in 51 cities.The effect of the Carrefour “Elephant” turning to home service is obvious.Statistics show that since the Spring Festival, Carrefour China’s home business orders have increased by 3.5 times.However, some questions also need to be considered: how to deploy human resources when the number of store orders surges?Can new users acquired during the epidemic be retained for a long time?Sales of vegetables and fruits surged, and orders from Daojia increased by 3.Five times Carrefour entered the Chinese mainland market in 1995. In June 2019, Suning started the acquisition of Carrefour China. Three months later, Tian Rui, vice president of, became the CEO of Carrefour China.Today, Carrefour has 209 stores in 51 cities across the country, including 9 in Wuhan.Tian Rui told the sauna and Yewang. “Compared with previous years, the purchase of vegetables and meat by the people of the Spring Festival this year has increased dramatically.”Our data shows that Chinese cabbage, white radish, and tomatoes are the most common commodities in the food basket of the common people.”According to the introduction, since the Spring Festival, Carrefour has 209 stores across the country, urgently increased purchases and timely replenishment, during the Spring Festival to provide citizens with 11,000 tons of vegetables, 1,340 tons of pork, 3,800 tons of fruit.Over the same period, Carrefour’s home business orders increased.Five times, the largest single product increase is the increase of sugar sugar oranges by 675%, Master Kong’s classic braised beef five packs increased by 878%, and the rib packaging family pack 1000g (ribs) increased by 1097%.The reporter noticed that the Carrefour crowd in the Beijing area was significantly reduced, and that more young people went into the supermarket to shop.According to data from Carrefour, the daily supply and supply in Beijing area reached 200 tons. The most popular products for customers are fish, vegetables, meat, eggs, disposable dishes, gloves, masks, disinfection and sterilization products, among which masks,Disinfectants and instant noodles have become scarce commodities.Under the influence of the epidemic, the business hours of Wuhan Commercial Supermarket have been adjusted to 10: 00-17: 00 daily.”After we opened the door at 10 o’clock, the products our customers bought were mainly fresh.Based on this feature, we concentrate limited staff to the fresh area during peak hours, replenishment, weighing, checkout, reduce customer waiting time in queues, and reduce the risk of aggregation.”Tian Rui introduced.A few places implemented traffic control during the epidemic, which affected the purchase of goods at the store.Whether it is a store sales, or home business, you must have goods.Tian Rui said that there were indeed some inconveniences in logistics and transportation at the beginning. After communicating with the local governments, they obtained a green channel for release. At the same time, they also contacted logistics companies with capacity to share on some routes to help each other.”At that time, many trucks were allowed to enter Wuhan, and the stores rented vehicles and went to the expressway to pick up the goods themselves.At present, the relevant state departments have considered the issue of consumption and circulation, and we can basically guarantee the supply of materials after the declaration.Tian Rui said.During the epidemic, Carrefour supermarket products were promoted.”One hour”: Carrefour’s ambition to serve home seems to be the greenhouse where fresh e-commerce is rising again.After the outbreak, daily excellent fresh food, Hema fresh food, Meituan grocery shopping, Wumart Multipoint and other platforms have worked hard to compete for a big cake for users to buy food online.Sauna and Yewang noticed that instant delivery services have become a major way to integrate fresh e-commerce and offline supermarkets.The case of Wumart and the “multipoint” platform provide a reference business model for previous players.田睿介绍,“在全国51个城市,‘家乐福1小时达’服务已上线苏宁易购APP,加上此前已经合作的美团、饿了么等外卖平台,家乐福门店生活圈3公里范围内的Consumers can enjoy the convenient O2O service to get home quickly within 1 hour through the above channels.”We are promoting the project of putting Carrefour merchandise on the store app, and users around Carrefour can see the corresponding entrance on the store app.”Tian Rui said that placing an order within one hour will expand and expand the sales channels of Carrefour products, which can bring traffic to the APP of the store and also facilitate the surrounding users.Democracy, Suning once said that, relying on the layout of Carrefour stores and the city’s core business circle, Carrefour China’s channel construction and the 5,000-scale Suning store in the deep community market complement each other in terms of business form and supply chain capabilities.Regarding Carrefour’s future development plan, Tian Rui introduced, “Reduce, through Carrefour’s FMCG operation experience and supply chain capabilities, integrate with Suning’s full-scenario retail model, logistics distribution network and IT technology; thus, Carrefour merges from scene members,Supply chain integration and the creation of an hour-long life circle are three aspects. Together with Suning Tesco APP, Suning Plaza and Suning Store, consumers can fully understand the shopping experience in all channels and all scenarios.Internet observer Ding Dao believes that there are a large number of young users in the home economy and need home-delivery services, so Meituan and Hungry have risen. The epidemic has further stimulated this demand, and the timely delivery industry will develop faster.Carrefour launches Suning Tesco App.Personnel, sinking, home service have other influencing factors?”During the epidemic, Wuhan stores overcame various difficulties and persisted in business. However, due to transportation, health, family and other factors, the shortage of staff is an objective problem.””.”Tian Rui said that when the epidemic hits, a large number of industries have closed their doors and closed, but the supermarkets need a lot of staff. The shortage of staff is a common phenomenon in stores across the country.In response to this situation, Suning Group launched a “cross-border shared employees”, deploying thousands of employees in other industrial systems to support Carrefour, focusing on supporting the “one hour” home picking business of each store.That being the case, Carrefour all over the world also issued recruitment orders to the employees in the rented area outside the store and the whole society.After 1995, Zhang Yanyan became a salesman at Suning’s Shanghai store a year ago.On February 2, she joined the nearby Carrefour store in response to the “cross-border shared employees” plan.So she worked with dozens of colleagues in the store every day to be responsible for the stocking, picking, packaging and transportation in Carrefour’s home business, as well as the customer service and after-sales work for picking users.”Every day before 8:30 in the morning, I will be on duty, and the off time is at 6 o’clock in the afternoon. However, due to the large amount of orders, I rarely get off work on time, and I have to work eight or nine hours a day.Zhang Yanyan said that the largest order recently picked is worth more than 1,000 yuan, which contains 40 or 50 kinds of products, and the daily order picking quantity is nearly 1,000.Zhang Yanyan believes that “the current working hours are actually okay, but the workload is very large. In the past, the amount of exercise was more than 2,000 steps, and now the average daily is 14,000 or 5,000 steps.”Ding Daoshi introduced that the original Carrefour China was in a state of continuous change. After being acquired by Suning, after digital transformation, the stores were merged into the Suning retail system, which increased the flow and logistics speed, and improved the efficiency.”However, Ding Daoshi believes that since Carrefour China’s stores are only distributed in a row of second-tier cities, its home service cannot be launched in other cities. In the future, if you want to compete with several opponents, you need to sink.Sauna, Ye Wang Chen Weicheng Editor Zhao Ze proofreading Liu Jun

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