“My Brother and My Sister” will be aired tomorrow evening, and Wang Yajie will perform “Strong Second Sister”
The emotional drama “My Brother and My Sister” starring Wang Ting and Wang Ting will land on CCTV’s eight sets of gold strong files on March 28. The play creates an image of “second sister-in-law” who is still tough and optimistic after the rough.Xia Yinan, the “second sister-in-law” played by Wang Yajie, faced the unconscious newlywed husband, regardless of his mother’s opposition, and resolutely assumed the responsibility of taking care of him.”My brother and my sister-in-law” realized that Xia Yinan, a female worker, had suffered a catastrophe on her wedding day, and her husband Peng Guangming had become a vegetative man.The Peng family left Xia Yinan with only a comatose husband, a young and weak brother, and a lonely nephew and niece.Xia Yinan has always been in love for love, and strives to support the whole family, taking on the heavy responsibility of everyone, and gradually understood by everyone.The actor Wang Ting, who is known as a “hard guy” professional, changed the screen image this time, and turned into a male doctor Lu Huaihai in the play. He is mature and sincere.The ups and downs of the protagonist Xia Yinan also witnessed her kindness and responsibility.Sauna, Ye Wang Liu Wei editor Tong Na

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